2012 in review – Thanks, everyone!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 26,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

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To all of our readers and fans, thanks for sticking with us!  2013 will be even better!

Assassin’s Creed 3 Post-Game Write Up – If the world doesn’t end, we know who to thank.



Assassin’s Creed 3?  The game experience was good, but the game doesn’t hint at any closure at all.  Well, sorta.  After beating the game I felt…unsatisfied.  If they’re planning on releasing sequels to ACIII, then….


In the end, Assassin’s Creed 2 is still my favorite out of the trilogy.  Ezio was a kickass Assassin’.

The epilogue to “Chuunibyo demo koi ga shitai” really got me thinking about my life.

First off, if you haven’t watched Chuunibyo yet, download it and watch it.  This entry will make a helluva lot more sense.  Maybe I should put up a few screens on it, since everyone likes pictures.

And a quick definition of “chuunibyo”

A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”. People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others.This is a common stage in growth; for most people, it happens–you guessed it–around the 2nd year of middle school (Grade 8 in Japan). However, the problem is, there are some grown-ups who have this symptom.
There are 3 main types of Chuunibyou. DQN-type pretends to be antisocial even though they aren’t, or can’t be and has made-up stories about antisocial behavior. Subculture-type prefers subculture or minor trends just to be different and have the “cool” factor. Evil Eye-Type admires mystical powers and pretends to have one of their own, to the extent of establishing an alias just for that.

Chuunibyo demo koi ga shitai was an anime that followed the lives of high schoolers, most of whom got over their 8th grade syndrome, and are struggling to find their identities in a new environment.  I’m sure that nearly everyone can relate to that situation (HIGH SCHOOL).

Anyway, this is the entire ending narration, which sounds like it was done by Norio Wakamoto, one of my favorite seiyuus.  Actually, watching again pretty much confirms it.  It’s Wakamoto-san.  The seiyuu equivalent of Morgan Freeman.

And obviously, this epilogue might have a few spoilers, but it’s nothing major.  It’s the message I want you all to read.

In the end, “Eighth Grade Syndrome” is just another way of living your life.  As crazy as it sounds, there’s still a part of me that imagines crazy situations and a me that does crazy things.  I just have to put it to paper now, and I have an artist to help that reality of mine get out of my head.  Your self-identity, your imagination, those are all wonderful gifts and you should never try to hide them away.  Your life is what you make of it.

Twitchy’s Anime Rocking Chair – I can’t watch Dragon Ball Z in English.

Call me a purist, or a weeaboo, or whatever the hell you want, but I can’t watch DBZ in English.  I just can’t.  The voices don’t sit well with me.  The translations don’t go over well…and the Americans have a history of fuckin’ shit up when they don’t need to.

Exhibit A: Gohan’s transformation into Super Saiyajin Level 2.

Android 16 begs Gohan to protect nature.  After he says this, Cell (Voiced by Norio Wakamoto) curbstomps him and tells him that he’s said his last words.  Gohan, filled with rage, surpasses his own limitations and goes into SSJ2  for the first time.  The timing of everything in that scene was absolutely perfect.  Gohan was speechless up until the curbstomp, and even into his transformation he still didn’t say a word.  The placement of Hironobu Kageyama’s “Unmei no Hi” (Day of Fate) was timed perfectly.  The result?  One of the most moving scenes in any animation series.

In the American version, Gohan says a few more lines (THAT WERE UNNECESSARY), Android 16’s voice carries far less emotion, and there’s NO UNMEI NO HI.  WHAT THE HELL.  They replaced with more of their generic rock music.

For a guy that’s grown up on the Japanese DBZ, I could never bring myself to watch the English version.  I still can’t.  The English dub does have some moments, but for every good moment, I would always find something that I just didn’t like.

hair wax

hair wax

Twitchy’s Videogame Rocking Chair – MechWarrior 2


The sound of a rocking chair fills the room you’re sitting in.  The creaks start getting louder, almost enveloping the area.  Then…this song drops.

Now you’re sitting inside the cockpit of a Timber Wolf mech.  You’re armed to the teeth with a bunch of LRM’s, a few Pulse Lasers, a PPC cannon or two, and a Gauss Rifle.  Your teammates are telling you to flank your enemies.  SRM’s start flying towards your mech as you activate your jump jets just in time to avoid the impact.   Then, you skillfully land on top of the enemy Jenner mech that launched those missiles..because…FUCK JENNERS.

This was my life in the Mid-90’s.  I borrowed MechWarrior 2 from my neighbor Nelson, and oh man, did that game kick my ass.  MechWarrior 2 was my first exposure to the BattleTech Universe.  I played through both of the game’s scenarios, Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, the two sides of the “Refusal War”.  I barely knew just what the hell was going on, so I just followed what the missions told me to do.  Basically it all boiled down to these objectives:

  • Go to a Navigation point
  • Blow shit up
  • Protect this shit
  • Blow that shit up
  • Head to dustoff site for extraction.

The levels I played through varied very much, and the environments played a factor every single time.  On planets with a very hot climate, you’d want to avoid overloading on energy weapons, naturally.  Planets that were cold as fuck…well, load up the energy weapons and jump jets, ‘cuz you’d rarely overheat!  You also had close urban combat scenarios, low visibility missions, missions with low gravity, lunar missions…I could go on, and on, and on….

Gameplay?  If you had the proper joystick, the game felt like you were piloting a mech.  The controls were complex, but once you got the hang of it, it felt natural.  You had to control your walking speed, attack angles, and how your torso would move.  Strafing was your friend.

Customizing your mech was the meat and potatoes of this game.  You had a myriad of weapons, engines, heat sinks, armor choices, and mechs to choose from.  I remember spending one hour trying to get the proper mech setup for a mission.

The music was awesome too.  Too bad I lost my soundtrack.  The soundtrack had all sorts of music, ranging from industrial techno to fully orchestrated tracks that conveyed the energy and fury of a battlefield.

Chibi, this one’s for you.  Now get to work on your Japan trip pictures.  Unless you’re playing MechWarrior Online.

Crossing Over: Street Fighter X Mega Man

….he must be asleep.  Or he’s at work?  Neggy?  You there?


Okay, here goes.


Normally, Neggy’s the one to handle anything Capcom related, but I figure I’ll fill in for now.  I have no idea why the fuck I’m awake anyway.

Since two of Capcom’s most popular IP’s are celebrating their 25th anniversaries, Capcom decided to give the little blue bomber a brand new game….featuring the characters of Street Fighter as bosses.  Sounds pretty legit, doesn’t it?
I’ll be honest with you all.  I never got to play very many Mega Man games.  My NES was taken away from me at a relatively early age, and shipped off to the Philippines where my cousins plugged it into a 220v outlet and fried it.  I stated out playing Mega Man X on the SNES, and beating Mega Man X4 and X5 on the PlayStation 1.   I bought Mega Man 2 for my cousins on their Wii, and man…that shit was fun.   So suffice it to say, Mega Man isn’t one of my personal favorite IP’s of Capcom.  Doesn’t mean the IP sucks, by no means, it’s just not one of my favorites.  And I’m glad that they’re doin’ stuff with Mega Man, because I still think he should’ve been in MvC3.

Now Street Fighter….well, that’s a whole other story.  I devoted an entire week to Street Fighter, so I’ll leave that alone.

I am excited for this, and it’s free!  A FREE PC DOWNLOAD FULL MEGA MAN GAME WITH STREET FIGHTER BOSSES.  HOW CAN YOU LOSE?  It’ll be on the capcom-unity website on the 17th.