Initial D Arcade Stage AA X

Adding an “X” automatically makes things cool, don’cha know.

These names are getting pretty weird.  Oh well, it’s Initial D, so I’m not gonna complain.

From the looks of the trailer, the game includes EVERYTHING up to Ryosuke’s battle with the “Shinigami” of Hakone.  Hopefully Ryosuke’s FC will be a tuning course.  I want to build up an FC with that spoiler.  So, what do you think gents?  Will this game be awesome, or will it be awesome?



At some point last night, perhaps around midnight or so, a distant corner in the far reaches of the Mixed Nuts room was lit by the dim yellow glow of a tired old lamp. Hushed whispers punctuated the soft warbling of the new 2 Chainz (2 CHAAAAAINZ) record in the background. I decided to make my return to the team…

I grew up being told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That saying is a big reason I’ve been away from the team blog. When somebody tells you that you’re writing style AND thoughts aren’t suitable for the blog, it makes you go through some shit.
At first I asked myself how I can change my writing style to better fit a PG audience. I thought about it for a long time. and here’s what I came up with. why the FUCK should I (the head blogger and newly appointed script writer) change my posts after I’ve carried this blog on my back for months. why should Twitch and I change the way we write? our writing, ideas, and thoughts are a HUGE reason why we now have regulars that frequent this blog. Most importantly..why the fuck would I listen to you?  and therein lies the kicker. I tried to change for someone that doesn’t write for this blog, and I’m pretty sure doesn’t even read it on a regular basis. As my good buddy Twitch says “we are NOT ign” Twitch and I are here to inform, entertain, communicate, understand, humor, and sometimes piss you off. THAT”S WHAT WRITING IS. it’s MY ART. telling someone to change their style of writing is like telling an artist that his drawings suck. SUCK IT!……ANYWAY I digress. This wasn’t the only reason I haven’t been blogging… 

Busy? Sure. Planning the return to school? Without a doubt. A little lazy? Probably some of that as well. All of that contributed a fair deal but at the end of the day friends, the whole drive to hop on the horse here and get to business has been seriously lacking. I’m not going to go into my whole dictation on the state of the blog world again, we’ve heard that about 3 times too many as it is, but I will say that I am not going to give up on blogging. The new experience I have planned will be a new inspiration to really take this whole form to a new plateau which inherently will result in me actually wanting to do posts multiple times a day. When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut it gets difficult to feel inspired to post, the ability to innovate and feel like I’m bringing some new to the table is what really brings me back at the end of the day.

So on that note, I appreciate your guy’s patience for rocking with the blog through these days of literary and visual abstinence. In the mean time through this somewhat dry spell here’s a clip of my boy Riley describing my mood right now…

Fighting back. Always.

It’s 11:30 PM, I’ve been up playing resident evil 6 and I’ve eaten a few drumstick ice cream cones.  That probably means that I’m in perfect shape to talk about real geekery, right!?  Sure, of course it does.

In the beginning, Strawberry Scented Burnout began as a webcomic.  Since then, I’ve met a TON of people that have shaped the project into something much, much bigger.  And now my foot’s asleep.  I’ve really gotta clean out that desk of mine.  Anyway, we’re comin’ back bigger, badder, and hopefully under the influence of sugar and adrenaline.

There are a ton of geek blogs out there, and they all are good in their own ways.  Strawberry Scented Burnout (hereafter “SSB”) is gonna be different from all the others.  Why?

  1.  Soul.  Most blogs out there are just cogs in the machine.  They hype up a product and move on to the next big thing.  Like gears.  Or a conveyor belt with a bunch of hot dogs on it.  Not us.   Our writers genuinely give a shit about the stuff we write about.  For better or worse.
  2. Webcomic, when we get around to it.  Making a webcomic is tough shit.  Art is pretty fuckin’ hard to come by.  Interested in drawing for us?  Drop me a line.  Serious.  The stuff we do have is pretty fuckin’ amazing.
  3. Variety.  Videogames.  Manga.  Anime.  Sure we cover the triple-threat of the otaku world, but we don’t stop there.  Cars?  We got that.  MMA?  That too.  Laundry?  Yeah, we got that too.  That reminds me….
  4. Representin’ that SD flavor.  San Diego is a great city, vibrant and full of geeky charm.  There’s a reason why the SD Comic Con happens here every year.  Our people will bring you what’s geeky, flavorful, yummy, and pretty and stick it into your USB drive and smoke it.
  5. Courage.  Some of the shit we write about may strike a chord, piss people off, offend, annoy, or bewilder some of you.  Well, the world isn’t exactly made out of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream now is it?  Or we could be IGN….NO WAIT WE’RE NOT.

I can’t apologize enough for the inactivity these past few weeks.  We’re comin’ back roaring.  Serious.


Talk about EA and laziness…

Finally making some time to post an entry (which seems like a rarity to me)… I guess it’s the somewhat new job that I have…

Anyway, over the weekend I read an article about EA being blasted about a game they released (and you can read it here)

It’s one thing to make a sports game…

It’s another to simply update player stats, update the year to 2013 and sell it as if it were a new game at full price…

I find that it’s really a shame that a game publisher would resort to such laziness… If they really didn’t care about a certain console, they shouldn’t have made the game for it to begin with. If this was a game for PS3 or Xbox 360, they could’ve easily made those player stat updates DLC for people to buy instead making it like it’s something new. Granted, most sports games tend to be money farms for publishers, but doing something this ridiculous is just not the way to go. In fact, this is the very reason why I never bother buying any sports games… Don’t get me wrong. If you like sports games, then more power to you. I just can’t justify buying what may look like a new game on the outside, but really is the same game on the inside.

EA, you know better than to do that to gamers. Grow a pair…

That’s my entry for now… Next time, Vocaloids and MMDCup 9. Stay tuned…

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You know it’s gonna go down, Mark.  Join the crew of Team Mixed Nuts as we crash the 13th San Diego Asian Film Festival, watch a bunch of movies and then help Mark get blitzed!  And watch Rule 43.

Obviously I’m gonna be there, I’m one of the volunteer leads.  Say hi to me!  And get Mark drunk.