Bullying sucks. Stop it. Seriously.

Here at Strawberry Scented Burnout, my message to my fans is clear.  Stand up for yourself and raise your geek flag loud and proud.  That’s somethin’ I’ve learned through my 29 years of living on God’s green earth.  But…I know that it’s never an easy thing.  And high school can be a pretty daunting battlefield.

With the high-profile cases of Amanda Todd and now Felicia Garcia hitting the internets, one can only be alarmed with the trend of increasing harassment and bullying that’s going on in America’s schools.  It’s a pain that I know all too well.

You see, all throughout elementary school, I was a skinny runt.  But most of you probably already knew that.  Once I got to high school, things got pretty bad.  I was picked on pretty bad for my stutter, stature, and really squeaky voice during my freshman year.  One bully in particular took to picking on me, and I didn’t really know who to turn to for help.  Thankfully the bullies got kicked out of school after one semester, but the damage had been wrought.   I didn’t want to do any schoolwork, hell, I didn’t want to even be there anymore.  I was this close to being kicked out academically.  My parents took me to a shrink and after getting reports from all of my teachers, the diagnosed me with ADD.  I knew that wasn’t the case.  I lacked the confidence to live.  Somehow, I squeaked through the second semester of high school by making friends with John Rodriguez and Ryan Day, two of my dearest friends from high school.

When that summer happened, I decided to make a change.  I asked my mom if she could enroll me in martial art classes.  She took me to the Pan-Am Taekwondo Academy…and well, the rest is history.   Training in taekwondo gave me confidence and self-esteem.  Yes, martial art dojos really do that.  Seriously.  Once I got a handle on who I was, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to go, High School didn’t seem so bad.  I later wound up being the ASB Senior class treasurer and other things besides.

Even today, some of my students tell me about bullies in their school, and I have to tell them how to act in the face of bullying.

So what’s the point of all this?   It’s simple.  Bullying sucks.  But what can you do?  Well, there are a bunch of things you can do.

1.  If you’re being bullied, find someone to talk to about it.  Like an administrator.
2. Tell your friends and don’t keep it bottled up inside.
3.  If your friend is being bullied, sometimes simply offering a shoulder to cry on is more than enough.  Be there for your friends.
4.  This is the hardest point…but you’ve gotta make a stand.  Bullies like to prey on the weak in order to make themselves feel better.

Unfortunately bullying is a problem that’s not going to go away.  If bullying nowadays is driving teenagers to suicide, then there’s something really wrong.  It needs to stop.

And to all the bullies out there, remember that no matter who or where you are, there’s always someone bigger and badder than you.  Don’t cause trouble for other people, because karma’s a bitch.


You tell them, Cap.

This entry is dedicated to all the victims of bullying out there.  Stay strong.  

RIP Amanda Todd and Felicia Garcia.

[Hood Eats] “Golden House”

Negatron and myself are doing a new feature on SSB.  Hood eats.  Simply put, we’re lookin’ for good cheap food that probably flies under the radar on Yelp.  We’re focusing our search on establishments “South of the 54”.  The criteria that I’m using to judge them is considerably different from Justin’s.  I’m looking for taste, the ambience, and the price of the food.  Negatron’s criteria?  Um…. I’ll let him talk about it in the second part of this inaugural entry

First up, let’s give you guys the 4-1-1 on the place.

Golden House Chinese Restaurant
4370 Palm Avenue
San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 690-2688

Price: 1 0ut of 5 rims.
The price of one lunch combo runs for $5.50, and you get an entree, a hearty helping of rice, a cream cheese wonton and egg drop soup.  That’s a LOT of food.  Especially when you factor in the price, it’s a steal.  Perfect place to go when you need somethin’ cheap.

Taste: 4 out 5 rims.
It’s good hood chinese food.  It’s nothin’ to write home about, but man is it satisfying as hell.

Ambience: Not too hood.
It’s kinda hard to measure this.  For one thing, despite being in the “Del Sol” area of San Diego (which was a hotbed of street racing back in the day), it’s really clean and well-lit.   The shopping center it’s located in is pretty clean and inviting as well.   Hood eats?  Definitely, though the appearance will throw you off.  The service was good, though since we went during the lunch rush, things got kinda hectic.  Not their fault.



Ahoy hoy, SSB fans! Justin/Negatron here for my portion of the blog. My rating system is a bit different than Twitch’s. I’ll be using a 1-5 scale. 1 being nasty, and 5 being AMAZING

Price:4 Ice Cube records (before all the family movies) out of 5
Like Twitch said, you get a decent amount of food for the $5.50 lunch specials. The rest of the menu is moderately priced. I didn’t see anything over 12 bucks.

Taste: 3 Yin Yang Twins out of 5
It’s good. I’ve had better…

Ambiance: 1 Kimbo Slice out of 5!
I don’t know why this was difficult for Twitch to measure. This place was NOT hood at all…just because the area around it is hood doesn’t mean the restaurant will be. I was disappointed to walk in the door and NOT see a 25 cent Homies Figure machine. Stop me if i’m wrong but a “hood” restaurant wouldn’t have a juice bar next to it…it’s supposed to be sandwiched between a Liquor store and a Pawn shop. Am I right or am I RIGHT?

                                                                                Making it rain tip money