(7 gifts from the Street Fighter franchise) Guile….just Guile.

Street Fighter week continues unabated at “Strawberry Scented Burnout”.  At the end of each day I’m going to list 7 things that the Street Fighter franchise has given to us, its children bathed in arcade light and stale pizza from Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Since this is the first day I figured that I should go with something we all know and love.

Guile.  Motherfucking Guile.

There’s only one thing to do when Guile tells you to go home and be a family man. Even if you have a vajazzle.

At this point, I’m going to assume that our readers know who Guile is.  Here’s the quick bio just in case you don’t.

Col. William Guile is an officer in the USAF, and he’s really pissed off at M. Bison for killing his homie Charlie.  He works closely with Chun-Li and Cammy.  He’s also Ken’s brother-in-law.  That must make family gatherings really awkward.

Street Fighter’s plot aside, Guile’s given us so much.  Like his victory message.

And of course, his theme song.

His theme song has proven to be so powerful that it can make anything awesome.  It does indeed go with everything.

So if you have time, salute the American flag and thank Capcom for making such a wonderful character.  Even if the live action movie was balls, it did give us this wonderful scene.


25 years of Awesome.

Before I talk about the indestructible game of all time Street Fighter I gotta give a shout out to one of my best friend’s in college. Happy Birthday you crazy Owl.

So street fighter is 25 just like me and I must say..we age damn fine! As a lad I detested,hated, reviled this game. Why? Because I was not able to do the hadouken! I was not fierce enough or just didn’t have a sense of timing and Daslim scared the living shit out of me. Then when Street Fighter 4 came along…I discovered my main DAN(FATTTHERRRRRRRRRR) and finally the game made sense. I secretly played at my friend’s house a lot, and told no one about my secret training. I decided to unleash my new found skills on my brother by doing Akuma’s special and walking away. Then walking back to school him with Dan. So Happy Bday street fighter may we both age handsome.


Happy Birthday Street Fighter!

Has it really been 25 years?! Time flies.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  Street Fighter, the ubiquitous 2d fighting game has now turned 25 today.  Happy birthday, Street Fighter!!

And big congrats to Capcom and Ono-sensei for making such a wonderful fighting game.

The franchise itself has gone through numerous twists and turns to get to where they are today.  Mixing it up with other franchises seems to be only the beginning.

So, for this week, Team Mixed Nuts will be talking about their experiences with the Street Fighter games, the culture, the fighting game scene, and how it grew and changed with the times.

Now excuse me while I go ogle Han Juri.

mmmm…smexytimes with Chun Li while everyone watches. She’d be such an exhibitionist.
I love Han Juri. (If anyone knows who drew this, lemme know!!)

Remember the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors franchise? Sengoku Basara nobbed its mum.

Doesn’t matter had eye lasers.

Ah, Dynasty Warriors.  You took the formula of “1 dude versus a zillion peons + Lu Bu” and ran with it for a long time.  You then mixed it up a bit by throwing in katanas.

Then your Japanese sister came out and showed us how the Japanese get down with your formula.

Samurai Warriors changed up the Chinese backdrop that DW had for Feudal Japan, and for the most part, it was “somewhat” historically accurate.  Well, as accurate as a “Warriors” game can get.

And all was good until Capcom came along and said, “I’m going to rub my bum in your face and smoke some crack while I masturbate to an Andy Warhol gallery”.

They released Sengoku Basara for the PS2.  The formula?  “Samurai Warriors + Crack + Meth + Devil May Cry”.  And the result is what you saw.  Pure, unbridled raw glory and lolis with hammers.  And TM Revolution.

They didn’t stop there.  When they released Sengoku Basara 2….

Yeah.  Crazy.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Check out this video of Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes.


Maybe that’s why I prefer Sengoku Basara over the Warriors franchise.  Because they’re not afraid to go all out and bum people in the face.  With eye lasers.  And they actually got an anime series for it.  Go Capcom!


Old old school (Dedicated to all my homies from the airport at SWC).

Which one were you? Fess up.

Yes, shit was cray cray back then.  10 years ago, I was a member of an anime club.  It was called the anime and games club.  My claim to fame back then?  My cousin was one of the founding members (and another founding member is part of Team Mixed Nuts today.)  Our own MFNegatron also met me during this dangerous period of my life.

Durning my tenure at the “AnG” as it was called, I met all sorts of wonderful and crazy people.  I also spent time doing Judo, Kung-Fu, a girlfriend (that would later serve as the basis of a manga), and classes when I could spare the time.  So like most other kids stuck in the junior college trap, I spent about 4 years at SWC.  Most of those years were spent in the company of people like those in the picture above.

I don’t regret it though.  It was because of those fellow geeks that I was able to accept my geek side fully and live without regret or limits for the first time.  Up to that point, I had to keep my powerlevel relatively hidden since nobody could really relate to my geekdom.  We had anime viewings, club festivals, and game days….but we spent a lot of time dicking around in our cubicle.  And people loved to complain about that.

(Fortunately I didn’t mind reaching out to the other clubs in the ASO, so we eventually reached mutual understandings.  For the more stubborn clubs, I would show up in my Judo gi and be up front with them.)

Fast forward some 10 years later, and I’m now a staffer for Anime Conji, San Diego’s first anime convention.  The more that I think about it, the more I realize shit hasn’t changed.  Anime fans are still the same.  Maybe that’s why I don’t mind working with anime otaku, because I’m used to it.

Which brings me to a point.  I am the way I am because I was shaped by all these experiences I had.  Especially with these anime otaku.  That’s why I can speak and write the way I do.  I gained a lot of confidence from all those people in my past.

So if you don’t have any confidence in what you do, write, or say, then it’s time you took a good look at yourself in the mirror and say,

“Fuck it.  What’s the worst that can happen?”

These people taught me to be yourself, and that your identity is the single most important possession.  Don’t lose it.

First Fantasy Football season….and it looks like I’m in a strange situation.


I consider myself to be pretty damn lucky.  I’m one of those otaku that tread the fine line between being an otaku while maintaining a somewhat normal social life.  Believe me, it’s pretty damn hard to pull that off sometimes.  One one hand, you’ll have a night like this where we all just ate chips, pizza and wings while we talked shit about each other’s picks.  On the other hand you might have a night where you spend it alone gaming for an 8-hour session.   The key is balance, and keeping an open mind.

It was a pretty chill night, though my picks apparently leave something to be desired.


My first Fantasy Football season begins tomorrow…

Any ideas on who I should be picking for my draft tomorrow?  This is my first Fantasy Football season…and the last time I thought seriously about football was when this song was big.  When Michael Vick was a Falcon and on the cover of that season’s Madden game.  2004.

Now he’s an eagle. And injured.