Teaaaaaaaaaa Timeeeeeee

So after celebrating Handsome-Justin’s Bday, I said to myself i should be more healthy. As of today I am drinking a mix of barley-tea, machta-green tea with Cranberry/Apple juice. Various journals have reported that these two teas have the ability to boost metabolism and burn fat among other things. It is a simple to improve your diet if you are lazy like me and it is a battle to go to the gym. I hope more people join me on this daily challenge to drink this healthy tea mix. If you are wondering where to buy these teas (if you are in SD) you can go to Mituswa, Nijya , Zion, Marukai basically any grocery store on convoy. Besides it’s almost beach weather so..LEGGO!!

Get at it bro.


What was your gateway anime? (Part 1)

I’ve decided to get a theme going for this week.  We’re all going to talk about our “gateway” anime/manga series.  The title that got us into the whole anime/manga shindig.  We’ll spend a few paragraphs musing about it, discussing what made that anime so special to us.

Leave it to me to get things started.  Before anything else, check this clip out.

It was the mid 90’s.  A time when anime wasn’t as easily available as it is nowadays.  We had to get our anime fix via VHS tapes(yeah, I know, OLD SCHOOL).  My cousin Charlie would rent the anime titles from the Wherehouse and our local corner Anime Store…and record them onto his own VHS tapes.  We would then watch those bootlegged movies every saturday.  One of those titles was Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.

Ahhh….Fatal Fury.  The awkward, yet charming girl in the fighting game clique.  Y’see, back in those days, SNK fighters weren’t as big as their counterparts from Capcom, Namco, and Midway (at least in the US).   They did make an awesome anime series from the videogame though.

I mean, check out the art.

Yeah, this shit was awesome.

Up until this anime, I was a casual fan.  I mean, I enjoyed watching, but it wasn’t until I saw this series that I seriously got hooked.  What really gripped me was the art.  Take a look at all the shading they used in all the characters.  The character art was done by  Masami Obari, and to this day he’s still one of my favorite illustrators.  To a kid in the throes of puberty, watching sexy girls fight while really buff cool looking dudes shot energy from their fists was the GREATEST THING EVER.  I mean, everybody wanted to do it.  The action wasn’t as over-the-top as Dragonball Z was, but it was every bit as intense.

And the dub…was surprisingly good.  This title stands out as one of the Ocean Group’s best dub works.  I tried watching Fatal Fury in Japanese…and I didn’t like it as much.

There is one more anime that sent me down the path of anime righteousness.  I’ll do that later, ‘cuz I really wanna give my other SSB writers a chance to talk.  I’ll just leave you guys with an anime music video that doesn’t suck.

Me and Heather

So it would seem I have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with heather gray. The infamous fabric material has probably been on your very own back on more than one occasion whether it be a mandatory gym uniform in middle school with your schools name pasted proudly across the front in some Serif type set or if you have bought any number of Supreme, Dior, or Givenchy pieces. remarkably almost all of which are released in some sort of heather gray whether it be Ash, Salt and Pepper, Eco, or Charcoal.I have encountered hate for the color in the past, for some people it may awaken repressed memories of being stuffed in gym lockers as a young student but I cast all of these doubts to the side. Without a doubt my favorite color/option purchase, heather gray offers the perfect balances between neutrality and a touch of off base-ness. It sure isn’t white, but it definitely isn’t as definitive as black either. Something about that speckled nonsense keeps bringing me back for more.
Sorry to rant about something like t-shirt materials for the whole post but it’s all so necessary!  eyemusing and myself will be designing SSB tees in the very near future. So get your moms credit cards and start saving all your birthday money kiddos!



So it’s been awhile since I last posted a Polyvore of a character. This one is of Jen – I did this one last week. I usually have a description that goes along w/her that I put on my website (www.eyemusingmuses.com) but I haven’t even done that. It’s probably because Jen is so plain. I mean, she has purpose for sure, but her character is meant to be more “normal.” Hence her attire here being less than eccentric.

She’s also tsundere – kind of a character motif that I had been aware of but didn’t know had a name to it. I immediately thought of Motoko from Love Hina when I was told of tsundere. I can kind of relate actually – in some sense. But more on that later… someday… maybe.

Ja red


So I tried to pick clothes that were just as handsome as Jared is but it’s just not possible. Here’s a few items that are cautious, cunning and also says “hey guys I’m in a Frat and i’m handsome”… The white dress shirt should be buttoned like the model in the picture and left untucked with the skinny black tie loosely around the collar. The jeans should taper at the bottom and rest comfortably behind the tounge of those bomb ass Paladium Boots.   


Eye of the Camera

So from day one I have been a complete unabashed fan of the form of literary expression known as the comic. I’m not one of those Simpsons comic book guy look alikes that lines up at the shop door every Wednesday to pick up the newest title, and I haven’t followed faithfully through any series in quite a long time. When it comes to love however, there is none greater. Ever since I was little it was the art that kept me coming back again and again. Everything from Howard the Duck to the The Walking Dead. Anyway, I got into a little discussion with some friends concerning this years comic con and some stuff I was reading and came to realize how I havent discussed the world of tights and absurdly sized biceps on the SSB blog yet. not anime. not manga. but COMICS. and don’t try to argue semantics with me, you know damn well there’s a difference!
Time to make reparations. So for the first time in a long time I’m following an entire regularly published, recent series from the good folks over at Marvel. While looking for some Street Fighter blind boxes at my local comics n stuff, the owner engaged me in some conversation about some books he was looking to re-order. I asked him if he had Marvels in stock, and of course he said no. However, the no didn’t end there. As it turns out, Marvels (Which is quite possibly my favorite comic of all time, yes all-time. Even House of M stands threatened.), was continued back in 08 with a a six part series from original writer Kurt Busiek and art from Jay Anacleto. (where the hell was I?) Now I’ll admit when I heard that the god-father himself Alex Ross didn’t do the art for the new series I was skeptical but thank the lord on high-these issues do no disappoint.
For those who don’t want to hear all of this endless tom-foolery about the technical details I’ll put it to you this way. Anacleto does an amazing job channeling the original direction Ross set out with for the first Marvels series. It will strike you right off the bat how distinct and life like this style of illustration is. Couple that with the writing that made Marvels so amazing in the first place and you have a recipe for success. This book makes “super-hereos” as real as possible.

I realize for those of you who could care less about comics and come here to see music reviews or fashion posts that this was more or less a confusing pile of non-essential garbage. But at the end of the day it is all so necessary. Maybe I should go do something manly and street to regain my cred. And quick. I’m going to listen some Wu Tang while I watch sports center and do push ups now.