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SSB vs. Yakuza 0

Okay, enough bullshit.  If you were afraid of getting into the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku franchise because it spans 6 games, then 0 is the perfect entry. YAKUZA 0_20170206164951 YA … Continue reading →

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SSB invades Japan 2016

Just to prove that 2016 wasn’t all a wash, here’s our trip to Japan. … Continue reading →

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Welcome back Guardians! Christmas…Destiny style!

Wassup readers. I’ve been away for a while doing other stuff trying to get caught up on various games that have come out recently. While I continue doing that, here’s a quick … Continue reading →

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SDAFF 2016 time lapse

Hey everyone, Our very own Brian compiled a time lapse video of SDAFF 2016!  Check it out. … Continue reading →

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I blacked out for a minute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Okay, Destiny.  All that’s left now is the grind to 400. My Titan is at 397 now, and man, I had one helluva run yesterday.  Ferris and I ma … Continue reading →


Anthony Green & The Trolley

So I was recently blessed by the awesome people at A Red Trolley Show with the opportunity of seeing one of my favorite artists of all time, Anthony Green in person. When I sa … Continue reading →

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Destiny: Festival of the Lost

Welcome back to another installment of Destiny news. This time we’re talking about festivities. That’s right it’s the Halloween season and Bungie has rolled out the red carpet … Continue reading →

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Men who stare at conventions Priorities Justin being Justin What is best in life So…yeah, this one took a little longer than expected, but it turned out great.  This one was … Continue reading →