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Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

SSB vs. San Diego Comic Con Day 1

We all about that suite life. … Continue reading →

Men who look at goat simulators?

Video GamesFrancis Bautista

SSB vs. Yakuza 4

Men who stare at goat simulators? It’s been a good, long while since I’ve been throughly addicted to a game.  I first caught a glimpse of Yakuza 4 during a youtube browsing se … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

otakuFIGHTER : GLORY 17!

Okay, first off….HOLY SHIT GLORY 17 WAS AWESOME.  We got to see CroCop in action, Artem Levin won the GLORY Middleweight Championship, and Ericka made wings. IRL Zangief. … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

OtakuFIGHTER: The Meaning

A loooong time ago, back when I was a college student trying to figure out his path in life, I met someone that changed my life.  Her name was Mae.  She urged me to not go dow … Continue reading →


Video Games999HP

VIDEO: 2014 World Cup Economics

With all the buzz surrounding the 2014 World Cup in Brazil beginning this week, it’s no secret that FIFA stands to gain from this event. The follow-up question is usually, “Ho … Continue reading →



Why Air Jordan remastering is a big deal!

Sole Collector reported last Friday Air Jordan Retro shoes will receive remastering starting Spring 2015, a move approved by Michael Jordan himself! While many sneakerheads ha … Continue reading →



aka DAN Adoption Documentary pt. 8

We return to bring you the final chapter of this amazing documentary. Dan Matthews performs for the first time in Korea with his brother and sister in attendance and says good … Continue reading →


Video GamesJon Florendo

E.T.’s Home Found in New Mexico

via Yahoo In September 1983, it was reported a mass burial of unsold Atari consoles and video games occurred in a New Mexico landfill. The game most associated with this event … Continue reading →