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Otaku CultureJonathan Florendo

Childhood Rebooted

Today it was announced that 3 classic 80’s cartoons would be rebooted for the 21st century: Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, and Ducktales. Both Inspector Gadget and Danger Mou … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureJonathan Florendo


Adi Shankar today released the latest of his “”Bootleg Universe” one-shot films, a re-imagining of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Joseph Kahn does a terrific job directing … Continue reading →

Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

Classic Rap?

As 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me” album approaches the 20th year of its release, would it be considered “classic” rap? … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

Happy Birthday SSB!

Soooo…here we are again.  Between injuries that have kept me out of the Muay Thai game, a new shift at work that keeps me there all afternoon, and bets that forced me to buy … Continue reading →

bitch i got extendos

Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

SSB’s first “Mixtape” – BRICK IN YO FACE

Thanks to the magic of Las Vegas, SSB’s own Ferris, Brian, and Ericka made a video that truly proves that SSB is “all about that life”. Extendos. FYI, the original is here: Mu … Continue reading →


Food AdventuresFrancis Bautista

SSB Issue #2 – KBBQ Panic!

SSB #2 – KBBQ Panic! Written by Francis Bautista, featuring art by Eric Ella. On the real though, intestines don’t taste that bad.  I just wouldn’t go out of my way to eat ‘em … Continue reading →


Video GamesFrancis Bautista

Destiny Digest #4 – The Kutaragis

Atheon ain’t got shit on us! The Kutaragis, the handsomest clan in the galaxy! People are still kinda on the fence about Destiny.  I guess I’m either a shitty gamer for liking … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

Yakuza 4’s “For Faith” finally deciphered!

  Thanks to youtube user “jackisarocknroll”, here are the correct lyrics for the theme song of Yakuza 4.  Apparently he got it on a soundtrack CD that came on a preorder … Continue reading →