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SSB 2016-2017 season

We’re back, for real this time! Yep, sorry about the long wait.  It’s been madness since I came back from Japan.  Ran a marathon sorta, and now….I’m preparing for AX.  There … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

Dedicated to The Boxing Club’s competition team.

This one’s dedicated to Kellie, Roma, and Bret.  Y’all kick ass. … Continue reading →

Roppongi Vice vs. War Machine for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

Otaku CultureBrian Bacsal

ROH 14th Anniversary TV Taping

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brian Bacsal. This is my first post on the SSB blog as my usual assignment here is to take photos, shoot video, and run the SSB YouTube … Continue reading →

K Pop Boss - 1

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Forever was a lie!

Ferris didn’t take Jessica Jung’s departure from Girl’s Generation very well.   … Continue reading →


Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

SSB vs Street Fighter V : Laura is best

Justin and I throw down in Street Fighter V.  The rivalry continues…. Now if he’d just get on Destiny. … Continue reading →

Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

OtakuFighter #3 – A trip?

For some of you, you already know that I’m gonna be heading to Japan on a fact-finding trip.  Seriously. What does that mean for my training?  Not much, other than lots of tra … Continue reading →

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The Division Beta: Afterthoughts

Hello all! You may have heard about The Division, a game in development by Ubisoft. Last weekend Ubisoft opened its doors to players for it’s closed beta. Access to the beta w … Continue reading →

Otaku CultureFrancis Bautista

OtakuFighter 2016 season : Episode 0

I’m back!  And what better way to kick off this year of OtakuFighter with some pictures of some fightin’! … Continue reading →